Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pepeha Practice

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This morning the Batten Team broke up into small groups and presented their pepeha.

Teno pai!

Mr Grant

Friday, 12 May 2017

Kindness in Action

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This week's R.E. lesson was recognizing and understanding the title of the Holy Spirit as The Helper...

I was going to green screen these clips, but, ironically, the sun was too bright on part of the screen, thus creating too much contrast for iMovie to cope with!

I'm guessing that the new camera will green screen better mid day, when the sun isn't streaming through the windows.

Mr Grant

The Batten Team Museum Visit.

The Batten Team’s Trip to The Museum!! By Ben and Abby. M

On Wednesday the 3rd of May the Batten team went to the Christchurch Museum. We left at ten to nine there was two bus that brought us to the Christchurch Museum.We were at the Canterbury Museum because this term the Batten are learning about Cultural History. There were 2, 1 hour sessions of learning about the culture and 1, 1 hour session of just roaming around the Museum. The whole Batten Team was split into 3 groups, then those groups were split into 3 little groups and they were used for roaming.

On the first lesson that, the group that Abby and I were in,  was taken by a nice lady named Marissa. She taught us about weapons and survival tools from when the Maori first arrived here in New Zealand. There was a taiaha which was a hunting spear, a wahaika-for blocking the taiaha, ko-for digging and gardening, hoe-an oar, poha-seaweed storage containers made from rimu rapa which is a type of seaweed called bull kelp, waka kereru- trap, harakeke-flax, muka- flax fibre, whitau- prepared flax and a matau- fish hook.

The second lesson was about how the Maori’s came to New Zealand. The Maori’s weren’t actually Maori they were polynesians. The polynesians used sticks and logs to make fire. They rubbed the sick really fast in a crack in the log then it made fire. We also learned how they drilled it was so cool, look down on the bottom of the page and there will be a picture of the drill. The polynesians brought a  dog and rat to New Zealand which I thought was so cool. They came from Fiji then went to either Samoa and Tonga then they went to Marquesas, then either to society island, cook island or straight to New Zealand no one knows!
In our session of just roaming around the Museum, Our group decided  to go to Victoria street then Antarctic Gallery then the birds gallery, the mummy’s gallery, the clothing gallery and on top of all that we went to the paua shell and watched the movie.   

It was such a great learning experience for us!

Thanks for reading the Batten Team blog!  By Ben and Abby

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Friday, 5 May 2017

Major Minor at Arras

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This week Ma Reading Group have been reading an article about the Kiwi miners at Arras, digging through to the Messine Ridge in World War 1...

Mr Grant