Friday, 6 May 2016

An Example for Blogging About My Art Inquiry Ideas

Good morning,

This term the Batten Team are doing a weeee (or actually quite a large) Art inquiry, based on our passions.

I really love Star Wars.

There are all sorts of art ideas that I could use related to Star Wars.
  • I could draw characters
  • I could paint backgrounds
  • I could make a building sculpture/landing pad out of boxes and stuff
  • I could perform a Star Wars music piece on the guitar
I would like to create a choreographed lightsaber battle with a partner...or perform a heavy metal version of the Asteroid Chase, from Episode V.

The questions I have about this are...
  • how do you do it?
    • can I rotoscope online?
  • what can I use for the sabers?
  • what do the colours of the sabers mean?
  • what costume shall I wear
    • will I tell a story, or just battle?
  • where can I see examples
That will do for now,

Bye bye,

Mr Grant


  1. Hi guys im just settling into my new school, I'v made a few friends and still a bit nervous but its goin great!
    Miss you all!