Sunday, 19 March 2017

N.Z Opera story

Hi everyone,

On the 14th March we went to the N.Z Opera at Hillmorton high school.

It was all about a very wealthy farmer called Don Pasquale from Balclutha who want to get married so he could kick his nephew off the farm! He asked his friend to get married to someone. His friend said "I have someone who is gentle, charming, beautiful, loving, sister!"
"Well, when do I get to meet her" 
"One o'clock."
 Don could not wait. Knock knock. It was his nephew Ernesto. 
"I am getting married to Dottore Malatesta's sister" 
"No way"!! replied Ernesto. 
"I want to get rid of you. I don't need you on the farm anymore!"

Mr Grant was the marriage celebrant. 

Here is a photo Mr Grant in the play!

By Meg

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